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Sorin Solomon

Sorin Solomon is Full Professor at the Racah Institute of Physics of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Director of:

- Division of Multi-Agent Systems; Institute for Scientific Interchange Torino;
- Lagrange Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Excellence in Complexity, ISI Torino;
- Chair of the EU Commission Expert Group on Complexity Science.

Scientific Coordinator of:

- "General Integration of the Applications of Complexity in Science" (GIACS) - a coordination  action of about 14 large research projects that mobilize groups from a total of about 100 European universities.
- "Common Complex Collective Phenomena in Statistical Mechanics, Society, Economics, and Biology" (CO3 ), a large research project aimed at finding the fundamental laws governing the emergence and survival of adaptive collective entities ("life") out of inanimate random noise.
- "Dynamic Analysis of Physiological Networks" (DAPHNet): a project aimed at understanding normal and pathological conditions by integrating in a coherent conceptual (space-time) structure the various medical measurements that until now were considered separately.

Awards: Levinson Prize, Bantrel Prize at Caltech, J.F. Kennedy
Prize, Weizmann Fellowship, Keren Kayemet Prize.

Book: Microscopic Simulation of Financial Markets, with M. Levy and H. Levy, Academic Press, New York, 2000.

Past Tasks: Head of the Theoretical Physics Section at the Racah Institute of Physics,  Head of the Center for Microphysics and Cosmology, Scientific Head of the Visualization Center at HUJ.

Committees Member: Center for Complexity Science, Jerusalem, Complexus journal, Int. J. Mod. Phys. C, Journal of Statistical Mechanics. "New Economic Windows" Series in Springer - Verlag

Media Coverage: BBC, New York Times, Herald Tribune, Boston Globe, Der Standard, New Scientist, Neue Zurische Zeitung, Le Figaro, Business2.0, The Guardian, Nature, Science, Ha'Aretz, Europhysics News, Globe and Mail (Canada), Reuters, Daily Telegraph, YNet, Slashdot