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CSI Piemonte is one of the most important Italian companies in the ICT sector. Founded in 1977 upon initiative of the Piedmont Region, University of Turin and Polytechnics of Turin, CSI is today a Consortium of more than 100 public stakeholders.

We promote innovation in Public Administration through ICT technologies, providing our stakeholders with simple and efficient services for citizens and businesses. Our databases, IT systems, web services and network infrastructures cover all areas of the public sector: health, production activities, environment, culture, administrative systems, professional training and employment.

Thanks to CSI expertise, Piedmont Public Administrations can rely on high level professional support and achieve economies of scale. We promote joint projects in Italy and abroad, encouraging the reuse and the sharing of good practices in eGovernment, also involving the Piedmont ICT companies.

CSI Italian offices are Torino, Alessandria, Cuneo and Novara in order to be active in specific production contexts and valorize the characteristics of the different areas. In 2012 we opened a branch office in Tirana, to consolidate our presence on the Albanian territory and act as a connection between the Piedmont System and the public and private Albanian Entities.

The excellence and value of our solutions is based on a solid understanding of the decision-making and operative processes of the PA: we have been working with public authorities to create a cohesive regional information system, sharing objectives and results. This innovative model of cooperation is appreciated at national and international level: we promote the reuse of ICT solutions by other local institutions and we support the opportunities of collaboration abroad.

We are currently working in Balkans (Albania, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro) and North Africa (Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco), where our projects are financed by local governments and by international donors such as the World Bank. We have managed to be competitive with other ICT companies at international level
and we have been awarded many important international contracts in Albania, strengthening our role as
technological partner in western Balkans. 

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