Data and information available and usable by those who need it, in the appropriate format and in the required time: this is a right of citizens and health professionals

We have always worked alongside the Piedmont Region to guarantee this right, putting technology at the service of people

A unique regional archive in which citizens are uniquely identified. This is the first step for a high-quality health service

5 mln
birth and death records
operators using the system at the teller

We have connected Healthcare and Hospitals of Piedmont, to allow them to share as much data and information with each other as possible

We created the registry of health facilities and patients, which guarantees high quality of data and is the basis for the development of all electronic health services

We work to create digital health services that are simple and close to people’s life. Because innovation is a path that is travelled together

What does it mean to simplify?


cambio medico

Change of doctor
Change your family doctor from the comfort of your home

pagamento ticket

Ticket payment
Pay your health ticket online with your credit card

ritiro referti

Collection of reports
Consult and download medical reports, without having to return to the counter for collection

fascicolo sanitario elettronico

Electronic health record
Have your own health records in digital form, available anytime, anywhere, without the need for paper documents. And choose which healthcare professionals to share it with

ricetta elettronica

Electronic prescription
Replace classic prescriptions with an identification code, computerizing the whole process, with significant savings



Research and development

Enhancement of regional health data using Yucca - Smart Data Platform for better governance.

Eccellenze e Temi strategici
Data strategy
Research and development
Digital Health