Albania: one-stop-shop service

United Nations Development Programme 24/2017
Ministry of Interior of Albania, Municipality of Tirana, 48 Municipalities and 250 Local Administrative Units
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The CSI follows the project to establish a one-stop-shop service for Albanian local authorities, to support the territorial and administrative reform ongoing in Albania since 2014, which has seen the number of municipalities in the country reduce from 373 to 61.

Thanks to the experience gained in ten years of activity in Albania, we have been entrusted with directing the project for the Albanian Ministry of the Interior and coordinating local businesses.

The project is funded by the United Nations Development Programme, in the framework of the STAR2 “Support to Territorial and Administrative Reform” in Albania. The “Establishing One-Stop-Shop service delivery systems for Albanian LGUs” project aims at supporting the administrative and territorial reform under way since 2014 in Albania, that reduced from 373 to 61 the number of municipalities in the country.

Over the 27 months of the project, we will develop a One-Stop-Shop service delivery system in 49 Municipalities and 250 Local Government Units for about 60 local administrative services.

The One-Stop-Shop will make it possible to the single municipalities to bring local public administration closer to citizens, to harmonize and standardize the services delivered in all the LGUs, improving quality, reducing time and increasing transparency for citizens and companies.

The separation of the front office and back office activities is one of the key elements of the national strategy for the delivery of public services, both to improve efficiency and ease of use, and to counter corruption.

With this project we consolidate our activity in Albania as an Italian public agency of reference for digital governance, also for local authorities.

Partners: CSI (Italy) – Lead Partner, IkubINFO shpk (Albania), IP3 – The Institute of Public and Private Policies (Albania), InfoSoft Systems shpk (Albania) .

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