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The cultural heritage ecosystem of the Piedmont Region is represented by a set of applications for the collection, cataloguing and use of cultural heritage.

The Guarini system, active since the 90s and now obsolete, has evolved, leading to the adoption of the Collective Access platform, software with Open Source GPL license for the digital management of archival, bibliographic and museum heritage. The new system is also based on the Smart Data Platform for data ingestion and on the display of APIs towards an innovative front-end under construction. The Collective Access platform has been configured and parameterized to meet the needs of the Piedmont Region and the operators of museums, cultural institutes and historical archives.

The research focused in particular on the development and testing of widgets for the management of master pieces in the backend of Collective Access, in order to identify the most relevant information (digital objects and their catalographic descriptions) and improve their use by end users. The widget has been realized and integrated in the Mèmora Back end platform, used by operators in the sector. Technical and legal verifications are underway for the release of the widget to the international OSS community, which would guarantee dissemination and visibility to the project.

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