CSI pays special attention to the website accessibility for users with disabilities in accordance with the standards and the accessibility guidelines of information tools for disabled users.

The website of CSI was developed following the principles outlined by Law no. 4, 9 January 2004, which reflects the web standards of W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).

Contents are managed through technologies that permit the separation between content and graphic thus allowing a better use of the pages regardless of the technological device used and more flexibility to different devices.
It is possible to disable the style sheets in order to see the text version of the page. Furthermore, the look and feel of the website is automatically adapted to the small screen of smartphones or tablets, according to the latest techniques of responsive design.

The CSI website does not show "stickers" to certify the accessibility features, in the belief that a service is really accessible only if it is a result of constant attention to detail, continuous review of the work done and, above all, attention to the real needs of users and their suggestions. Thus if you wish to point out imprecisions or suggest some improvements, please send an e-mail to the following address: helpweb@csi.it.