The data of citizens, businesses and administrations is a highly valuable asset: we manage it in complete security and protect them from cyber attacks

We promote the culture of cybersecurity with training and consultancy activities

We are members of the executive committee of Clusit, the Italian Association for IT Security

CSIRT: Computer Security Incident Response Team

We are part of Trusted Introducer service, established by the European CERT community to foster collaboration between all security and incident response teams

trusted introducer

Our CSIRT at the service of all customers

We manage threats and incidents on our infrastructures and provide strategic coordination at regional, national and European level

Incident management

We support the crisis management, providing everyone involved with the information they need to operate in the emergency

Protection of our customers

We enhance the ability to detect security threats

We develop operating procedures and guidelines for our Security Operation Center

We write and disseminate bulletins, notices and vulnerability reports

Security quality

We work together to improve risk management and attack response global strategies

We identify the necessary measures to reduce security related risks

We promote training, to enable people to carry out their daily activities in a more secure way

Our Security Operation Center

CSIRT works in co-operation with the Security Operation Center - SOC, a highly professional team that operates with a "distributed" approach, continuously monitoring infrastructure, applications and data and reacting as a first level analysis in case of incidents

Security monitoring

we collect and analyse indicators of potential security threats

Event and Incident analysis

we provide a first response to observed episodes and security breaches, engaging the CSIRT in the event of major incidents

Incident response

we deal with damage control and containment, adoption of countermeasures and recovery


we identify all the required actions to abolish the vulnerabilities


The culture of safety is the basis of our work




Discover CSIRTs and how they work for managing cybersecurity incidents.

Eccellenze e Temi strategici
Research and development

Solutions that will improve physical and cyber security of critical health infrastructure, in a seamless and cost-effective way.

Eccellenze e Temi strategici
International activities
Research and development
Digital Healthcare
Research and development

A unified system for the security of critical infrastructures, with an experimentation in the environmental, healthcare and railway systems.

Eccellenze e Temi strategici
International activities
Research and development