Any government, big or small, can become a virtuous case of digital administration

We work together in order to offer all public administrations the right mix of ingredients, studied on their needs

For more sustainable cities, shaped around the well-being of their inhabitants

Let's start from the foundations

Each municipality must perform some mandatory actions by law and use the national platforms at the core of the digital transition

identità digitale
Digital identity

We guarantee the access to digital public services of Piedmont with SPID, the Italian public digital identity system and with the electronic identity card CIE

pagamentop elettronico
Electronic payments

We have developed Piemonte Pay, a system based on the national project PagoPA, which allows citizens and businesses to access electronic payments


Online Praetorian Register, Administrative Acts, Information Protocol and Digital Archive: a set of solutions for the digital management of every administration

Shared infrastructures

Sharing software and infrastructure saves money. By working with many administrations we can share the best solutions and guarantee economic efficiency and rationalization

We help customers to choose the products and to make all their software open source available

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We help administrations to migrate their information systems in the cloud, following national plans of rationalization of public data centers

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We help municipalities, even the smallest ones, to connect to the Ultra Wide Band network and to offer public WiFi services

Digital services

Services work when they answer to the needs of those who use them, that is when they are simple and designed for people

payments with PiemontePay in 2020
electronic documents managed until 2020
loans to agricultural businesses in 2020

We design websites and services following the guidelines of Designers Italia

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professionals using digital services for the energy efficiency of buildings
Municipalities using MUDE for online building practices
digital contents on the heritage of museums and archives

We help administrations to be compliant with the publication of documents and data in order to be more transparent and open

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digital car stamp expiration notices sent in 2020
pay-slips issued in 2020
people who use our e-learning platforms

Digital education

From the beginning we have invested in the development of professional training for people. In an era of great transformation, having the right skills is crucial

competenza digitale
Digital skills

Training courses for civil employees, citizens and companies

Learning environments

Open source architectures
PC and mobile accessible multimedia content in the classroom

Customized methodologies

Aula, blended learning,
e-learning, MOOC

Cyber security and privacy

Staff training on minimum security measures
Educational events



A virtual assistant interacting with citizens and businesses in a conversational way. 

Mobility and transport
Eccellenze e Temi strategici
Digital & UX design
Artificial Intelligence
Digital PA

A centralised case management system for courts in Serbia, to modernise and increase the effectiveness and transparency of the judicial sector. 

Eccellenze e Temi strategici
International activities
Digital PA

The project aims as digitalising registers, developing new digital services for citizens and businesses.

Eccellenze e Temi strategici
International activities
Digital PA