We adopt certified management systems to reach an important goal: continuously improving our business process performance


The Quality Management System of CSI is ISO 9001:2015 certified for:

  • design, development, interconnection, maintenance, training, management and operative management of automated information systems and application, infrastructure and network IT services (sector EA 33)
  • design and issue of training interventions and training on the issued ICT services (sector EA 37)

The system provides for systematic management of risks and opportunities, and a constant monitoring of enterprise processes to ensure quality standards and the respect of service times and costs. A system of indicators verifies the achievement of objectives and defines any preventive and corrective actions.

Information Security

The Management System for Information Security of CSI is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified for the design, development, issuing and support of ICT facility management services for the data centre and cloud computing services.

The System has also been considered compliant to the ISO/IEC 27017:2015 e ISO/IEC 27018:2014 guidelines.

The effectiveness of the System and the completion of information security objectives are monitored through a system of indicators that are collected and reviewed continuously and through periodic first and third party audits.

Health and Safety at the Workplace  

The Workplace Health and Safety Management System of CSI is ISO 45001:2018 certified for:

  • eliminating or reducing risks for employees, guests and other parties, adopting preventive and protective measures
  • managing tools that ensure the compliance with occupational health and safety regulations
  • continuously improving the safety of employees, workplace, instruments and building
  • having an adequate emergency preparedness and response system

The System required the setting up of a constant monitoring system for CSI premises and activities, to ensure safety standards; a system of indicators verifies that objectives are reached and defines eventual preventive and corrective actions.

Business Continuity

CSI Mangement System for Business Continuity is ISO 22301:2019 certified for facility management services for the data center and for cloud computing services. It makes it possible to:

  • evaluate the impacts from events that may compromise the availability of services
  • identify danger, evaluate potential risks and adopt appropriate mitigation measures
  • prepare adequate strategies and define plans and procedures to manage an eventual crisis
  • define the organization structure to manage the crisis.

Reliability of the data center

The data center, the installations and the server rooms of CSI are ANSI/TIA 942 B 2017 certified, with LEVEL 3 rating level for each of the areas provided for:

  • architecture and site location
  • security and safety
  • fire suppression systems
  • mechanical cooling systems
  • business continuty and electric distribution plants
  • connectivity and telecommunications. 

This certification guarantees the compliance of CSI with the directives of AgID (Agency for Digital Italy) for National Strategic Poles whose technological installation have a high level of reliability. Level 3 rating ensures the availability of data center services and the possibility to carry out any maintenance activity without interruptions or scheduled down-time.

Energy Efficiency

The Energy Management System of CSI is certified as compliant to ISO 50001:2018.

The system was designed and implemented in compliance with legislative requirements in the energy field and it is aimed at ensuring energy efficiency of the processes by promoting:

  • energy savings and progressive reduction of waste
  • optimisation in the present energy use, in particular with regard to the data centre and the heating/conditioning system of the buildings
  • evaluation, in procurement processes, of aspects relating to energy efficiency.

The system also entails identifying significant energy uses and constant monitoring of the relevant established indicators. Moreover, in compliance with the processing and operating needs to issue services, it also foresees the definition and implementation of energy efficiency targets defined at enterprise level.

Service Management

CSI follows the indications of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) to issue IT services. The guidelines are promoted by itSMF Italia association. CSI is one of the founding members of the association, which is also part of itSMF International.

The ITIL model is used:

  • to adopt international best practices in service delivery
  • to standardise the way services are provided and to monitor activities
  • to disseminate knowledge, to ensure better service performance
  • to adopt Change, Incident and Problem Management, to ensure that contracts with customers are respected and satisfied.

CSI also has a Service Management System certified according to ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018 for data center facility management and cloud computing services.


CSI's Environment Management System is ISO 14001:2015 certified for the design, development and delivery of data centre and facility services, cloud computing services as IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, applicative, infrastructure and network services.

The certification is a guarantee of compliance with the European DNSH 'Do No Significant Harm' in the provision of cloud services, i.e. minimising environmental impacts. The system aims to minimise the environmental impact of CSI's activities and identifies those significant factors that must be continuously monitored in order to progressively improve the environmental sustainability.

Gender Equality

In 2023 CSI undertook the certification process of UNI PdR 125:2022 for Gender Equality, referred to in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. In 2022 the Consortium wrote the Gender Equality Plan.