Albania: IT for public health-related emergencies

IPA (II), Action Programme for Albania IPA 2020/ 042-914.03/AL/EU Integration Facility Twinning light project AL 20 IPA HE 01 21 EuropeAid/172817/ID/ACT/AL
Institute of Public Health, Tirana
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This project, funded by the European Union and implemented through a collaboration between the National Institutes of Public Health of Italy and Albania, aims to strengthen the Albanian system of epidemiological surveillance of transmissible diseases, in line with the EU acquis and standards and international health regulations. The aim is to improve the prevention and monitoring system for transmissible diseases and enhance the management skills of public and private laboratories, clinics, and hospitals in Albania.

The Italian National Institute of Public Health is the project leader. CSI is a technology partner with extensive experience in healthcare digitalization. Eutalia Srl, an internal agency of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance, manages the financial and administrative implementation of the project.

In this twinning, CSI also brings out the experience gained during the Covid pandemic. Since March 2020, we have been heavily involved in the activities of the Crisis Management Unit and have developed an IT platform for the collection and dissemination of information between diagnostic laboratories and Local Health Authorities. This is a unique solution in Italy, completely based on open-source technology and cloud infrastructure.

Partner: lead partner Istituto Superiore di Sanità (Italy),  Eutalia Srl (Italy), CSI Piemonte (Italy)

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