Bosnia and Herzegovina: ICT systems for PA efficiency

Pre-Accession Countries IPA/Project EuropeAid/131481/C/SER/BA
Pre-Accession Countries IPA/Project EuropeAid/131481/C/SER/BA
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The Bosnia and Herzegovina EuropeAid project, funded by the European Union through its Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA), mainly concerned two entities: IDDEAA - Agency for Identification Documents, Registers and Data Exchange (www.iddeea.gov.ba) and the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina (www.parlament.ba).

Online services have been created for IDDEEA as required by national laws, with information collection and cross-checking functionality. Instead, a document management system (DMS) was developed for the Parliamentary Assembly, with systems for electronic meetings and for the electronic archive (eArchive).

CSI has been responsible for the general project management, the development of the Document Management System and the eArchive system, as well as the preparation of training courses.

This project capitalizes CSI experience gained through the Bosnia and Herzegovina Twinning project on Management of the citizens’ digital identity (BA06-IB-JH-03-TL) and through its document management project activities in Albania for the implementation of an IT infrastructure and the development of eGovernment services for the Ministry of Innovation and ICT and for the National Agency for Information Society (EuropeAid/131431/C/SER/AL).

This project is connected to the Bosnia and Herzegovina Twinning project (BA11IBOT01) for the transfer of best practices to favour the professional growth of IDDEEA staff.

Partners: CSI (Italy) – Lead partner, EMC Consulting (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

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