Bosnia and Herzegovina: training and ICT

Twinning IPA BA11IBOT01
IDDEEA - Public Agency for Protection of Personal Data (Bosnia-Erzegovina)
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The project supported the PA administrative reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina, to accompany the adaptation of the legislative framework with the European "Acquis" in the public services sector.

Twinning Bosnia and Herzegovina is a European Union project funded through the IPA (pre-accession instrument), which has the following objectives:

  • to contribute to the administrative reform of the public administration process in BiH, through the adaptation of IDDEEA beneficiary (Public Agency for the protection of personal data) to the European standards in terms of efficiency, effectiveness and transparency
  • to improve digital services for citizens and businesses
  • to encourage the participation of citizens in decision-making.

CSI Piemonte, Lead Partner, in collaboration with the eGovernance Academy (EGA) and the Estonian Ministry of the Interior, has implemented the project through some "key experts", specialized in digital identity, reform of PA processes, IT security.

The activities were organized into 3 areas of intervention:

  • improvement of IT security, logic and physical infrastructure
  • improving IT expert skills
  • strengthening of the IT skills of the staff.

In detail:

  • Drafting of comparative analysis, guidelines, framework, best practices and recommendations report, a roadmap for the implementation and monitoring of the “Strategic Program for e-Services” for the Public Administration and citizens, with focus and insights on digital identity according to European directives
  • Analysis of the training needs of different topics through meetings and focus groups and drawing up a training plan
  •  4 study visits (2 in Italy and 2 in Estonia) aimed at transferring knowledge and best practices through the presentation and sharing of experiences in Europe
  • 135 days of training (courses and workshops) for database administration and performance, network administration, interoperability, training management, Application system and servers, virtualisation, SOA, digital identity, training of trainer, etc. The training involved 25 employees of the Agency beneficiary, 20 officials from the Interior Ministry, 130 lawyers.

The project represented an exciting opportunity for:

  • strengthen international cooperation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and consolidate institutional networking and cooperation
  • identify new market opportunities
  • upgrade professional skills of the Consortium in terms of transfer of knowledge through the learning experience.

Partners: CSI (Italia) – Lead Partner, Ministry of the Interior (Estonia), EGA-eGovernance Academy (Estonia)

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