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EU support for IDDEEA (Agency for Identification Documents, Registers and Data Exchange of Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Annual Action Programme for Bosnia and Herzegovina for the year 2017 – Objective 1, Progetto: EuropeAid/140420/DH/SER/BA
IDDEEA - Agency for Identification Documents, Registers and Data Exchange (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
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The goal of the project is to improve the information system of IDDEEA (Agency for Identification Documents, Registers and Data Exchange of Bosnia and Herzegovina) through open source solutions, new applications and specialized training courses.

This EuropeAid project, which CSI is implementing in cooperation with KING ICT Sarajevo and KING ICT Zagreb, pursues the following priorities:

  • replacement of Oracle ADF technology with new Oracle Apex technology in three existing applications to improve data collection and usage capabilities
  • compliance with Meta Data Standards for publishing open data in line with EU best practices
  • technical training for IDDEEA experts.

In this context, KING ICT is responsible for building new application solutions to ensure higher general accessibility of data in compliance with open data standards, improving IDDEEA's technical capabilities and enabling extended effectiveness and transparency in service delivery.
CSI is responsible for managing and delivering 18 online and on-site courses to train IDDEEA's key users in various areas of ICT. In May 2022, we organized a first study visit to Turin for 12 IDDEEA experts to share our experience on open data. During the visit, many topics were covered: Open Government Partnership (OGP) experiences on web services, publishing metadata with specialized software tools, security and design principles of open data portals, virtuous cases of OGP projects implemented in Italy and EU countries.

Partners: lead partner KING ICT Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), KING ICT Zagreb (Croatia), CSI Piemonte (Italy )

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