Civil Protection, on the front line in every emergency

The Regional Civil Protection Information System (SIProC) was implemented by the CIS in 1994 for the Piedmont Region, and today represents a national model of excellence, recognized as a reference for all Italian Regions.

With this system, we support the various forecasting, prevention, rescue and initial restoration activities carried out by the Civil Protection sector of the Piedmont Region; we make the data produced by different bodies available for the management of emergency situations and help operators in the alert stage.

SIProC evolves rapidly: thanks to important experiences gained at national and European level with the I-react and Faster projects (Horizon2020 program), it is possible to integrate data from different sources (social media, smartphones, satellite images, drones, wearable devices), allowing to act more effectively in real time.

On the subject of natural emergencies, a specialized team of CSI professionals works directly at the Civil Protection offices of the Region and Metropolitan City of Turin, with 24 hour shifts in case of weather alerts.

We also provide assistance in the use of complex technologies such as radio-satellite equipment, which are essential to ensure emergency communications. We also intervene during important national and international exercises (Magnitude 5.5, Euromodex 2018).

SIProC has many strengths, in particular:

  • speed: ability to provide answers in a short time

  • interoperability: openness towards similar systems used by other Civil Protection components

  • interdisciplinarity: possibility to access the largest number of database from different sectors and disciplines, maintaining the ability to read information according to a specific logic.

Civil Protection
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