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Data Science: University of Turin, education and students

Data inizio
Data fine

We research new approaches to the processing, analysis and visualization of complex data to identify potential new services. Data Science is the ability to extract information from unstructured data, from large repositories or from data related to different domains, using a multidisciplinary approach. We create a research environment for the analysis of complex systems, integrating competences in mathematics, statistics and informatics and exploiting the data heritage that will be gradually integrated into the smart data platform Yucca.

This type of research strengthens the knowledge of CSI on data science, also thanks to the organization of mixed teams with professionals from the academic world. This allows us to make the most of our clients' wealth of information and to enhance the range of services we offer.

University of Turin: lectures, classrooms, didactics, outliers

We have structured a mixed work team together with the Departments of Philosophy and Educational Sciences and Law and the Information Systems, Portal, E-learning Directorate of the University of Turin to analyse some situations: lessons organization, classrooms occupation and the interest on didactics,  students and the outliers critical path.

The data were ingested in the Yucca smart data platform and enriched with data available to the University and from other sources (weather, WiFi locations, cameras...).

Dashboards (power BI) have been created for consultation and descriptive analysis available to the University Departments involved. Two machine learning models have been developed for the prediction of success/failure of the students of the Law Department, five-year degree. The data have undergone a data quality process.

Eccellenze e Temi strategici
Data strategy
Research and development