Digital services for citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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IDDEEA - Agency for Identification Documents, Registers and Data Exchange (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
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This project aims to strengthen the public administration of Bosnia and Herzegovina by assisting the Agency for the Identification of Documents, Records, and Data Exchange IDDEEA BiH in improving its information systems and providing digital services compliant with EU and international standards.

Implemented by CSI Piemonte in collaboration with HAUS (Finnish Institute of Public Management), GPDP (Italian Data Protection Authority) and Eutalia, this partnership enables the direct exchange of knowledge and experiences, facilitating the adoption of best practices and standards essential for adaptation to European and international norms.

The main objective is to improve the delivery of digital services to citizens. The specific expected outcomes include:

  • more functional use of digital services
  • improvement in the security, quality, and availability of services
  • enhancement of the current open data policy and encouragement of digital participation by citizens and businesses
  • recommendations for harmonizing internal acts of IDDEEA BiH with EU regulations in areas such as digital signature, data protection, internal audit, participation, and digital services
  • implementation of new techniques for the professional development of all IDDEEA BiH personnel.


CSI leads the project, transferring European and Italian experiences and knowledge to:

  • create risk analysis systems in the development of digital services
  • prepare communication and awareness-raising strategies
  • organize training sessions
  • host study visits on digital services, cybersecurity, data centers, and internships for IDDEEA personnel
  • update instructions for improving the security, quality, and availability of digital services
  • increase citizen and business engagement by promoting the philosophy of open data
  • draft recommendations and strategies on cybersecurity, CERT, and alignment of IDDEEA's internal acts with EU acquis.

The project will benefit citizens by improving public services, strengthening the rule of law, promoting economic growth, and increasing accountability and transparency in the operations of public institutions.

Partners: Lead Partner CSI Piemonte (Italy), HAUS Institute of Public Management (Finland), GPDP Italian Data Protection Authority (Italy), Eutalia (Italy).

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