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Distributed Open Marketplace for Europe
Funded by the Digital Europe Programme of the European Union
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The DOME project aims to support the promotion of edge cloud infrastructures and services in Europe.

Its purpose is to build and launch a Federated European Market aimed at cloud providers and market-edge services, through a single access portal. The catalogue will be made available through a federation of independent marketplaces, which will be connected to the offerings provided by various cloud service providers and platforms. Each marketplace can enhance the visibility of its catalogue by selling its validated services through the network.

DOME is an ecosystem that offers many tools for its providers, who must follow a path to make services compliant with its requirements. It provides the so-called "seamless experience," which is a browsing experience designed to be smooth and customer-centric.

DOME is a federation: this simplifies the procurement and selection process of providers, reduces search and evaluation times, facilitates product comparison, accelerates purchasing processes, and simplifies spend analysis.

DOME is very significant in the European scenario: it meets the requirements of GAIA-X and is a candidate to be distributed within the Lighthouse Project STRUCTURA-X. It has the potential to become the hub connecting all data markets, public and private IT infrastructures at an international level.

CSI is among the 38 partners in the project. It is responsible for communication and marketing activities, requirements gathering, integration with federated marketplaces and operations support.

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