Georgia: digitalising the energy sector

Assisting Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission (GNERC) in creating enabling environment for digitalisation and developing digitalisation strategy
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Republic of Georgia
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Georgia aims to align with the terms and conditions of the Association Agreement and the Energy Community Treaty and is committed to integrating its market and gradually bringing its national legislation closer to the EU energy acquis.

In this context, the specific goal of the EU-funded Twinning project is to develop a regulatory framework to promote efficient, safe, modern and secure data processing and to develop the digitalisation strategy and the related action plan.

The project includes the following results: 

Mandatory result 1: business processes at Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission - GNERC created and updated towards digital transformation

Sub-Result 1.1: strengthening the skills of GNERC staff through training activities and development of procedures on flows, processing, data protection

Sub-Result 1.2: draft digitalisation strategy and the action plan of GNERC developed

The Italian Energy Regulator GSE S.p.A leads the project and Eutalia Srl (former Studiare Sviluppo) participates as a technical secretariat for the financial and administrative implementation of the project. CSI Piemonte, specialized in digitalisation, participates in the project as technological partner.

CSI experts provide training and transfer of knowledge and experience in digitalisation in the energy sector: cybersecurity, energy efficiency and modeling, web-based tools for building energy analysis, ICT tools for energy efficiency in public buildings.

The project represents an interesting opportunity to expand Italian and European cooperation in Georgia, consolidate institutional networking and identify new market segments.

Partner: lead partner Gestore Servizi Energetici (Italy), Eutalia Srl (Italy), CSI Piemonte (Italy)

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