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Experts from Estonia and Italy, together with specialists from Austria, Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom, Denmark and Latvia, provided advice to Georgian colleagues. Employees of the Data Exchange Agency (DEA) participated in several study tours in Estonia, Italy and the Netherlands.

The following interventions were carried out during the project:

  • journalists were trained on digital services and IT security and the Agency delegates attended marketing courses to improve their self-promotion skills
  • a video on eGovernance was made as a marketing tool for officials, also internationally
  • the regulatory framework on eGovernance has been updated according to European Union legislation.

The e-Georgia strategy has been revised and updated. Electronic services for the business community have been consolidated with the development of the Business House concept. Various government initiatives have been supported, from I-voting and mobile ID to electronic archiving.

The director of DEA, Irakli Gvenetadze, said that the knowledge accumulated in this project was a launching pad for the spread of eGovernance in Georgia.

The CSI worked in particular on IT security, training and digital services. He also managed the training for the DEA team, applying eLearning methodologies.

Partners: eGovernance Academy (leader and technical secretariat, Estonia), Prime Minister's Office (Estonia), CSI Piemonte.

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