Mèmora, the platform for cultural heritage

Mèmora is the free and public digital platform for the description and cataloguing of the cultural heritage of archives, cultural institutes and museums, the collection of digital objects and their use on the web.

Mèmora is based on the open source software Collective Access and manages cultural heritage of different types through a single web interface, integrating the many different software used until yesterday. In this way, Mèmora overcomes the division between the archival and museum areas, in support of an overall vision of the heritage, ensuring its preservation and usability over time.

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The tool for operators has these features:

  • it uses the main national and international descriptive standards

  • it describes the cultural heritage in an integrated way and makes it possible to establish links between resources

  • text content can be accompanied by images, videos, audio, digital and 3D documents

  • it is possible to structure reorganization and digitization projects and define aggregations "archives" and "collections"

  • it is inter-operable and allows exporting data in the most popular formats

  • it offers tools for georeferencing and displaying resources on maps

The project was carried out by CSI for the Piedmont Region in 2018: it is the result of a long work that migrated into a single application thousands of digital objects, cards and inventories of hundreds of institutions that previously used the Guarini suite.

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