North Macedonia: eGovernment

"Enhancing e-Government in North Macedonia"
Pre-Accession Countries IPA/Project EuropeAid/140244/DH/SER/MK
Ministry of Information Society and Administration and Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister, Republic of Macedonia
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The EuropeAid Enhancing eGovernment project for the Republic of North Macedonia will contribute to the improvement of the delivery, quality, number and scope of digital services to citizens and to businesses regardless of the channel of their delivery.

The project aims as digitalising registers, developing new digital services and their integration with the national portal for services, as well upgrading of the electronic authentication system, extending the total number of digital services for citizens and businesses to well over 100.

Partners: CSI (Italy) – Lead Partner, NDR Companies (Norway), Infosoft Systems (Albania), ikubINFO (Albania)

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