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Project FC-Far Conoscere - Pa.C.E.

Heritage Culture Economy
Funded by the Interreg ALCOTRA Programme
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FC-Far Conoscere - Pa.C.E. project - Heritage, Culture, Economy - is part of an Integrated Plan that aims to preserve and enhance the cultural heritage of the ALCOTRA (Latin Alps Cross-border Cooperation) area. These cross-border areas, in fact, risk more than others not being able to safeguard and promote those elements of identity and cultural communion that they have developed over the course of different historical eras. The Plan consists of four projects that must identify strategies and actions to recover the local heritage, material and immaterial, and to provide useful tools to understand the cultural value of the territory.

FC-Far Conoscere - Pa.C.E. project wants to share with the general public, young people, businesses and professionals, the heritage of the border territories between France and Italy, digitizing many previously unknown documents. The material thus discovered help the promotion of these territories by the younger inhabitants and can be useful for the economic and tourist development of these areas.

The project partners cooperate to develop an IT solution, in order to promote and enhance the digitalized heritage of these cross-border areas, with the aim of making the digital collection available to everyone.

CSI is involved in the project as a technical partner of the Piedmont Region, which participates together with the Regions of Liguria and Valle d'Aosta. The lead body is the City of Nice (Ville de Nice). The contents of our regional platform Mèmora and those of Giornali del Piemonte are part of this large digital collection, together with new contents that are progressively digitalized to become easily accessible and usable. 


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