General information

CSI is present on the main social media to communicate its activities, report events, promote projects and services for its Consortium members and thus contribute to spreading digital culture, also by sharing and disseminating content and messages from others, that are useful and of collective interest.

Corporate social media channels are accessible from the home page of and are managed by the Integrated Communication office of CSI.

CSI's corporate social media channels do not provide technical assistance for the services of the Consortium. In the case of messages with technical requests related to services, we provide the contacts of the specific Assistance; however, we report the request to the appropriate channels, possibly after having privately acquired from the user the data needed to manage the contact. In case of messages, questions and comments on topics of our competence we answer as soon as possible, according to the complexity of the request. To protect the privacy of users, we suggest not to publish personal data (e-mail, telephone number, tax code, etc. ...). For any further information on the processing of personal data, please consult our Privacy Information Notice

The social media channels are normally attended during office hours (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and during special events.


Comments, questions, suggestions and opinions are an important contribution. We invite you to a polite, appropriate and respectful conversation.

We will moderate, delete and/or report these types of messages:

  • commercial advertising
  • political
  • content that is offensive, obscene, misleading, discriminatory, polemical; threatening or violent in tone; that damages the dignity, rights and image of third parties
  • support of illegal activities
  • violation of copyright or inappropriate use of registered trademarks
  • unauthorized disclosure of personal and sensitive data and information of third parties
  • repeatedly inserted speeches, or written to disturb the discussion (trolling)
  • spam, also through the insertion of links to external sites
  • content which may compromise the security of public systems.


The processing of users' personal data complies with the policies in use on the platforms used (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.). Data shared by users through private messages sent directly to CSI channels are processed in compliance with the privacy policy and CSI Privacy Information Notice


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