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IPRO - Immovable Property Registration Office of Albanian Ministry of Justice
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Thanks to the three LAMP projects - Land Administration and Management Project, funded by the World Bank, the CSI has created the digital land register of real estate properties in Albania, exporting best practices on ICT, cartography and local taxation.

Our work together with local partners led to a better and more transparent public management of the territory. Real estate transactions have become simpler, as has getting finance to invest in urban infrastructure and services. Now it is possible to create innovative ICT services for the management of real estate taxes and taxation.

Three projects have made it possible to achieve these results:

  1. “Procurement of First Registration - Component A: Security of Tenure and Registration of Immovable Property Rights” (2012-2014): creation of a certified cadastral and cartographic database, relating to approximately 139,000 properties located over a territory of about 800 km2. Thanks to the transfer of organizational know-how and the supply of customized software and tools, it has been possible to carry out topographic surveys, the digitalisation of the cartography crossed with census data and the authentication of all documents for the development of a certified database.
  2. “Scanning and Indexing of Property Documents and registers and uploading of the scanned images in the Digital Archive of Immovable Property Central Registration Office (IPRO) for Local IPROs” (2012-2014): scanning and indexing of approximately 18 million documents of Albanian property registers, and their upload into IPRO digital archive, in partnership with the FBS company.
  3. “Supply of IT equipment, installation and integration of Immovable Property System” (2013-2014): set up of IT equipment for the creation of a data processing centre, with services for disaster recovery and for the creation of integrated services with the current Albanian cadastral information system, in partnership with FBS company.

CSI role in the project:

  • transferring and sharing technological skills and experiences developed in the cartographic and topographical fields to solve the initial difficulties: limited availability and poor quality of the cartographic material, scattered and heterogeneous archives, uneven conformation of the Albanian territory, numerous detectors involved.
  • facilitating the setting up of the cadastral cartographic system and developing IT services to manage immovable property taxes.
  • favouring the land market development, also through better management of documents certifying the land property right.

The collaboration with the Albanian government represented an interesting opportunity to strengthen our presence in Albania and identify new market opportunities, simultaneously increasing our skills related to training and knowledge transfer.

Partners: CSI (Italy), FBS (Albania) for LAMP-A1.2/TS/ICB and LAMP-A1.2/G/ICB/IPS/IT

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