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Smart data platform and Big Data

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Yucca smart data platform functionalities

Advanced tools and functionalities are required to enhance data, allowing the extraction of information from heterogeneous sources in terms of scope, type and technology of origin. We have paid particular attention to the valorisation of destructured data or data structured in different forms from the traditional relational and tabular systems (textual content, images, forms, systems logs and geometries in space), to enhance the capabilities of the Yucca platform.

On Yucca search engine we experimented and prototyped dictionaries and taxonomies for the management of textual content, coming from specialized fields (dictionaries tested in health and culture). This allows Yucca to do more effective and contextualized research.

Data Governance and Data Lake

The research project aims to create prototypes for Data Governance, i.e. the set of processes, technologies, skills needed to enhance the information capital of a company.

In this context, work has focused on prototyping solutions for the governance of a Data Lake. 
In the business context, the transition from traditional to modern BI solutions can only be gradual, considering the migration costs due to the amount of services present today on traditional technology stacks. It is useful to have tools that offer integrated views of data and metadata, regardless of location and technology used to manage the lifecycle.

The results have been:

  • definition of the "process" for the Data Governance of a Data Lake
  • definition of a model for Data Governance management and a Data Catalog that can be extended to different types of persistence
  • creation of a prototype of Data Catalog (beta)
  • creation of a Data Governance web application (beta)
  • web application testing on CSI projects
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