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Ministry of Tourism and the Environment of the Albanian Government
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Thanks to funds from the World Bank, the CSI and the Albanian Ministry of Tourism and Environment are creating the digital land registry of pastures and forests, as part of the process of decentralization of cadastral management.

CSI carries out two projects. The first one helps the Ministry to implement the decentralization of the cadastral management activities of municipal forests and pastures, by updating the cadastral information (properties and geometries) relating to approximately 343,000 hectares of forests and pastures distributed on the Albanian territory, the creation of cadastral maps and the creation of a digital archive of properties with technical and legal documentation.

The second project completes the production of the pastures and forest land register, through the updating of cadastral information, properties and geometries of about 912,385 hectares of forests and pastures on the Albanian territory.

These projects are strategic for the Albanian government because they align the census and cartographic information present in the archives with the current reality of the territory and with the regulations.

The ongoing collaboration represents a good opportunity for us to strengthen and consolidate our presence in Albania, identify new market opportunities and strengthen our professional skills related to the transfer of know-how.

Partner: CSI (Italia) - Lead, Datech shpk (Albania)

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