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Blockchain and Public Administration

Data inizio

Personal data will become the strategic asset on which the service market will be based in the coming years, regardless of the specific scope or type of users involved.

Every year, public administrations have to manage and store hundreds of pieces of information for each individual, company or organisation, thus requiring a system that is integrated and, above all, efficient. The current situation regarding the digitalization of the PA certainly does not go in this direction. The collection and management of data at local level, according to specific logics and protocols, generate real autonomous silos, often not interoperable with other administrations and central government.

In order to meet these needs, overcoming the problems arising from the application of a classic centralized model, in recent years a different approach is being considered, based on the creation of one or more decentralized registers (distributed ledger) by borrowing some ideas and technologies (blockchain) implemented in the field of cryptocurrency (e.g. bitcoin).

In CSI we have worked in this direction, according to specific goals:

  • acquire technical skills on the main open source implementations of blockchain technology

  • define the methodologies and infrastructure solutions needed for blockchain-based project management

  • analyse PA business applications and impacts compared to traditional models

  • raise awareness among the various actors in the area (local PA, universities, industry) of the blockchain benefits.

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Research and development