Factotum for facility management

Factotum is the facility management platform for the IT management of the real estate assets of a public body. It is used to collect and share information on the status and consistency of the property, rented or owned space, profitability of buildings and more, in order to optimize planning policies. 

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It allows the management of administrative and technical data and the management of building interiors through the interaction with CAD tools (Autocad) and 3D BIM (Revit). 

Along with inventory data, Factotum manages: documentation (it’s possible to create specific lists of documents that require special monitoring); energy utilities and contracts, collecting detailed data on utility bills; maintenance planning; planning of personnel movements, furniture and the optimal allocation of spaces. 

Collecting asset data on a single platform facilitates more rational and energy efficient management, and also makes it easier to respond to data requests from citizens, improving transparency. 

The different platform modules are available for everyone,after configuration and start up, even with progressive extensions. Administration may share application and licensing management with other entities, thus containing operating costs and coordinating future developments. 

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