Online building practices with MUDE

MUDE has been developed for administrative simplification and dematerialization, with ambitious goals: to unify all the regional forms, to standardize municipal operating practices, to computerize the Municipal Building Information Centers, to dematerialize paper documents, to integrate building and property registry procedures, to contribute to the creation of the Municipal Registry of Real Estate.

The Municipalities join the project with their own resolution, with the guarantee of being able to count on technological developments that are always in line with regulatory obligations.

The benefits are considerable for all those involved. The Piedmont Region, in fact, can monitor private building activities throughout the Region thanks to an updated and structured database with information from certified sources. Municipalities, on the other hand, have an easier and cheaper management and shared working modes for a uniform interpretation of building regulations.

Professionals are facilitated and supported in filling in the forms, which are shortened and simplified: municipalities are thus sent formally complete applications. It is always possible to have a direct communication channel with the municipality.

The system uses the Adobe LiveCycle platform for structuring and filling out the forms, the DoQui document management platform for archiving digital documentation and GIS systems for interaction with cartography. The forms can now also be filled out off line, providing independence from market browsers and facilitating user access from heterogeneous workstations.

In 2012 MUDE Piemonte was chosen by the Emilia Romagna Region to manage the contributions requests for the restoration of houses damaged by the earthquake. The system was customized with specific forms and managed the submission of more than 131,000 files for the 78 municipalities affected by the earthquake (data as of September 2019). The MUDE was also used in 2016, following the earthquake that hit the regions of Central Italy: the system managed all applications for contributions, for residential and productive properties for the 449 municipalities affected in Abruzzo, Lazio, Marche and Umbria (data as at September 2019).



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