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Programme financed by FESR funds
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The project aims to build a distributed and decentralized infrastructure based on blockchain for agri-food products tracking throughout the whole supply chain. CSI is one of the partner, together with the University of Turin and Consoft Sistemi.

Currently, the automated traceability data collection systems adopted by agri-food companies are different and not homogeneous. There are many applications that penalize the supply chain efficiency, the traced data accuracy and the individual user experience. Users who are forced to use different sites or apps manually inputting the product lot code.

The introduction of innovative technologies such as blockchain, AI, Big Data, IoT and augmented reality will help to create an innovative food tracking system along the entire supply chain, from raw materials to the consumer, and to introduce innovative services for the consumer.

The technologies used will help to:

  • increase the real and perceived quality of Piedmont's agri-food products
  • facilitate the marketing of products - Protect agri-food brands from fakes and scams
  • facilitate the management of expiring products
  • promote products at 0 km
  • introduce controls in the food chain to certify sustainability through technology platforms.

CSI, which manages the regional bovine registry, is working on the specific issue to implement a blockchain-based system that allows the traceability of the use of European funds for cattle breeding in Alpine pastures.

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