Republic of San Marino: document management

Economic planning office and data and statistics processing center (Republic of San Marino)
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In 2009 the Republic of San Marino chose a solution created by the CSI, the open source DoQui platform, to start with the dematerialisation of the document management processes.

Doqui allows to organize, archive and share documents in digital format: the platform has been developed in a participatory way through the creation of a community of public and private entities called to collaborate in the design and implementation phases. It is adopted by various Piedmont’s public administrations.

As technical project coordinators, we assisted the administration of San Marino in all phases, following both the technical-design aspects and the archival-documentary aspects. We took care of the analysis, design and commissioning of the platform, which was customized with respect to the organizational models and specific workflows of the administration.

In addition to technical and methodological support, training sessions were held for the use of DoQui application module.

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