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Funded by the Interreg ALCOTRA Programme
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Mountain cross-border dams are very important for irrigation, hydropower and drinking water use, but they present considerable risks for the populations and areas downstream, usually urbanised and with a high tourist attendance. These dams require a careful vulnerability assessment of hydrogeological (landslides and floods) and seismic risk and must be constantly monitored.

The RESBA project, financed by the European cross-border cooperation programme ALCOTRA, which covers the Alpine territory between France and Italy, aims at deepening and monitoring the risks of dam collapse in the Alpine territories and improving the knowledge of these problems, through the training of technicians and the awareness of local administrators and the general public.

CSI is involved in the project as a technical partner of Regione Piemonte, which participates together with Città metropolitana di Torino, Politecnico di Torino, Institut national de recherche en sciences et technologies pour l'environnement et l'agriculture (IRSTEA) and Regione Valle d'Aosta (lead body).

The activity of CSI is linked in particular to the development of shared IT tools for the vulnerability assessment of dams and for the risks and possible emergencies management. One of the objectives is the creation of a database that collects all data and information on dam anomalies and accidents in the areas concerned, which can be consulted in a simple and effective way to monitor and prevent risks.

The other activity that involves us is the development of a platform that allows the drafting and, above all, the management of complex emergency plans that are accessible to all institutional and operational actors and that allows the active involvement of the population. The sharing of the plan will guarantee the possibility of constant integration and updating as the conditions that determine its application change. Innovative technologies will also be used to improve the dissemination of warning messages.

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