Serbia: improving viticulture with IT

Twinning IPA / Administrative twinning project (IPA SR08IBAG02)
Ministry of Agricultural, Forestry and Water Management Policies, Belgrade Agriculture Faculty - Hydro-Meteorological Service - Geodesic Authority of the Republic (Serbia)
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Twinning Serbia is a project funded by the European Union through the IPA pre-accession instrument to stimulate viticulture in Serbia, adopting EU standards. The goal was to renew vineyard zoning procedures and the system for assigning geographical indications to wine.

The developed solution improved the wine sector in Serbia and made it more competitive at European level, also through study missions that brought Serbian delegations directly into contact with Piedmont wine producers.

The CSI has made available its experience in the creation and management of the Piedmont Region agricultural information system, of the Single Agricultural Registry of Piedmont and of the Register of vineyards. The project involved missions of officials and experts from member states to Serbian ministries and public agencies, to help local officials integrate the acquis communautaire in government reform, in public policy-making, and in the introduction of best practices in public administrations.

Partners: Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (Italy) - Leader, CNR National Research Council (Italy), Council for Research and Experimentation in Agriculture (Italy), CSI (Italy).

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