SIAP – Piedmont’s agricultural informative system

The Agricultural Information System for Piedmont (SIAP) has been implemented by CSI for the regional administration since 2002, to computerize and automate the entire administrative process of this sector.

SIAP allows the monitoring of all agricultural policy interventions, offering numerous online services dedicated to technical-administrative management: from European, national and regional structural funding for agriculture and rural development, to authorization or certification practices.  Farmers can manage dossiers more quickly through online service desk.

Agricultural Registry of Piedmont
SIAP is based on the Anagrafe Agricola del Piemonte, the integrated database that manages the information of over 50,000 agricultural producers in Piedmont.

It is used by companies or their professional intermediaries to prepare aid applications, and by institutions for the subsequent stages of investigation, control and testing. The registry office combines geospatial tools to check, on a graphic basis, the declaration of management and land use by farms.

Data are certified, comply with the Community requirements of the Integrated Administration and Control System (IACS) and come from: 

  • public registers (Tax registry, Register of Companies of the Chamber of Commerce, Land Registry, National zootechnical register)

  • documentation collected in the company file, which in turn is filed with an Authorised Agricultural Assistance Centre (CAA) or a public administration registry office.

Administrative management services
They cover different themes and sectors: the rural development programme, the single payment scheme, national and regional aid or compensation, the wine sector, fuel vouchers, organic certification and others.

The services are all integrated with each other and standardized with regard to: aid requests, payment models, application acquisition processes, investigation processes, processes for sending payments to the accounting system of the Regional Paying Agency (ARPEA), closure of administrative procedures. A specific web service allows the Agency to configure and manage calls for tenders in a fully digital way.

Management service for the paying agency
The CSI has also set up the accounting information system for the management of Community funds for agricultural production. It is used by the regional paying agency accredited by the EU: the Piedmont Regional Agency for Agricultural Supplies (ARPEA).

Fully integrated into SIAP, it can simultaneously interact with external management systems for data exchange. The Piedmont Region uses the same management system for the disbursement and control of regional and state funding.

Decision-making information systems
SIAP also offers analysis and monitoring services, especially for the Rural Development Programme (RDP) in Piedmont, which provides funding to the agricultural, agro-industrial, forestry and rural areas.

Decision-making dashboards, reporting and multidimensional analysis are easy to use: they meet specific information needs at national and EU level; and support the decision-making processes of the administrations involved in the programming and evaluation of policies for agriculture and rural development.


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