Smart3L, smart life long learning

Smart3L (Smart Life Long Learning) platform is a collaborative learning environment that CSI has dedicated to improving digital skills, both professional and personal.

Smart3L allows to set up online information and training areas, supporting professional and practice communities by organizing different resources:

  • educational and informative resources in different formats: text, images, videos, tutorials, hypermedia maps

  • knowledge sharing glossaries and common terminology

  • news and calendars to highlight updates, events and deadlines

  • discussion forum for the comparison of experiences and practices

  • FAQ for sharing established practices

  • online surveys and questionnaires, to collect feedback on topics of interest

  • assessment tests and self-assessment of skills acquired

  • cataloguing and collection of documentation in thematic "folders"

  • links to online external resources: documents, regulations, institutional sites and more.

It is also possible to organize webinars (online seminars), particularly effective for disseminating specialist content, with the following functions: authentication system; co-teaching (multiple speakers in sequential mode); speaker sharing of presentations, videos, images, network resources; text chats for participants' comments; recording for publication and subsequent consultation by all participants and others.

The Smart3L platform is characterized by:

  • access through different modes: SPID, social identity (Google, Facebook, Microsoft) and Sistema Piemonte

  • an LCMS (Learning CMS), based on the open source e-learning platform Moodle, to deliver online training and to manage collaborative learning processes

  • the CSI webinar solution for the management of online seminars through streaming channels. 

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