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Soil protection to manage emergencies

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Planning, designing and implementing prevention interventions in an effective way, together with maintenance and knowledge of the existing works and the territory: these are considerable added value in emergency management.

This project aimed to consolidate and extend the ontology and the linked dataset experimentally created with the information and support of the Regional Observatory on Public Contracts and to define a shared ontology with the information made available by ISPRA (Institute for Environmental Protection and Research) on soil defense works: ontology and linked data from Rendis (National Directory for Soil Defense).

This approach makes it possible to:

  • facilitate the interoperability of data on the web

  • linking heterogeneous data sources, created with different goals

  • improve the exploration of specialised databases

  • make the search for data more appropriate to users' needs.

Research activities have achieved these objectives:

  • completion of the 2017 activities for the definition of an ontology and potential connections to other linked data in public works

  • strengthening of the search engine and extension of the results to more technical or geographical soil protection information

  • standardisation of definitions common to different contexts 

  • evaluation of the linking activity between ontologies and domain entities and the common information debt (by establishing a sub-track and creating an experimental "dashboard" that relies on the linked data of the two domains, to verify the common information coverage and the linking of the two domains)

  • experimentation of interoperability through the linking of public works data in the ANAC/Regional Observatories and ISPRA/Rendis domains, to assess the common domain

  • experimentation to create an object hierarchically superior to the single work that allows to generate an overall monitoring unit of all its pieces ("over CUP").

These activities make it possible to verify the potential of linked data, also as an interoperability engine, and to obtain an overview of soil protection works, integrating information from different areas.

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Research and development