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Transnational Holistic Ecosystem 4 Better Energy Efficiency through Social Innovation
This project is financed by FESR funds through the Alpine Space Interreg programme
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The objective of the THE4BEES project is to use IT to promote virtuous behaviours for territorial energy efficiency and carbon dioxide emissions reduction, leading to the development of transnational experiences and policies. The adopted approach is centred on the strong involvement of stakeholders and target users through a structured methodology called Co-Creational Lab (CCLab).

Throughout the life of the project, the CClab groups integrate analysis, co-design, testing and evaluation moments to deliver concrete results of valorisation, starting with the development of policies aimed at guiding human behaviour. The CCLab activity is developed on a transnational level on 6 locally managed but coordinated pilot projects involving different target groups: students, workers, public housing tenants and tourists visiting mountain huts.

Users are primarily made aware of the impact of their behaviour on energy consumption and then involved in the creation of IT tools activities (apps, applications, dashboards) that encourage changes in behaviour through structured feedback. The project will conclude with an evaluation of the results achieved and the definition of policies to support energy efficiency that also take into account the impact of behaviour and not only technical and structural aspects. Communication and awareness-raising activities are planned for users and key stakeholders throughout the duration of the project and dissemination of the results at the end of the project.

CSI Piemonte is the coordinator of the initiative and therefore carries out the management and coordination activities of the project with respect to the 13 partners of the initiative. As an operational activity, it is responsible for adapting and making use of the regional Smart Data Platform (link to www.smartdatanet.it), as a data storage platform of interest for evaluating energy consumption (mainly real-time measurements and processing), developing and providing an app and dashboard for CClab activities, for conducting trials and evaluating results.

It will also contribute to the management of the Piedmont CCLab and its pilot, which are housed in two regional Alpine huts, the Selleries Hut and the Chalet of the Moon in Pra' Catinat. The CSI has also involved the ITIS Avogadro school in Turin as a founding part of the CCLAB Piedmont, with the activation of a school-work alternation project for the 2016-2017 school year.

  • Industrial logic design of the Haladin v2 sensor board, in collaboration with CSP and local companies.

  • T2engineering in Turin for the design and construction of a sensor board based on open Arduino hardware, for real-time measurements.

  • Developing a THE4BEES app and dashboard to involve end users.

  • Reuse of the dashboard solution developed by the European project NRG4CAST and its expansion to the field of energy efficiency.
  • New tools for agile configuration of apps and web apps to support energy efficiency actions (RedNode, OpenHab).

  • Consolidated use of the Smart Data Platform in an international context which also required an adjustment of its terms of use.

  • Design of non-structural strategies for the promotion of virtuous energy behaviours: communication and promotion activities, awareness raising, user involvement, initiation and development of a collaboration with secondary schools.

  • Construction of an integrated architecture (from sensors to a real dashboard) tested for indoor monitoring, potentially reusable in the development of services for energy efficiency, environmental sustainability and comfort of indoor environments.

  • Intelligent sensor system in IoT - Internet of Things logic and construction of sensing network in open logic (Arduino, Razberry)

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